Traffic Sources links

Is there a way to view the full links of the websites that are linking to yours? I’d like to see the page that my link is on.


Anyone have any clues?

Other than what you can see at

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Yeah from there I can’t see the actual URLs to the sites. So for instance if it’s a forum I can’t see the thread page they came from or if it’s facebook theres no way of knowing what the post on facebook was. Sure if it’s a blog site it’s not that hard to find but for these bigger sites it can be impossible.

I see. So instead of only the root domain, the actual complete URL

Sorry, but I have no idea if this capability is possible and will have to defer to the Discourse team.

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You could set up google analytics, which would give you that information. But it’s true that it would be nifty to have that kind of info in topic summaries and in the admin dashboard.

This is easily handled with Google Analytics.

Asking Discourse core team to build this just sucks up time that could be spent on user-facing features.