Transfer poll votes when moving a topic into an existing one

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I think the same thing is happening with poll votes, which I think is a bug. If you create a poll in the first post in a topic, then move that post into another topic, the votes disappear in the poll at its new location. Meanwhile, a copy of the post (with votes) remains behind in the original topic.

Took me a while to figure out what the heck was going on there. If this is not possible to do, some sort of error message or warning to the moderator seems to be needed. We just spent alot of time troubleshooting because the move did not work as expected. :seedling:

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Yeah moving polls is definitely not recommended, I don’t know if @tgxworld has any other advice, but I would seriously avoid doing that.

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Thanks, Jeff! I’d love to know what is allowed/not allowed with polls - the functionality seems to show such promise but also causes our community some frustration. Is there a list someplace of dos and donts?

Just don’t move a poll to a different topic? Not sure where you’re going with this, and I have zero idea what you’re talking about.

Sorry not to be more clear - there was a bit of research that went into posting this particular bug, covered in the very old topics I link to above. I’d like to hope that the functionality can be made more smooth - either pop up a warning to not change/move poll topics (as happens when you try to edit a post with a poll in it) or make the post moving functionality work as people would expect. It’s just plain weird to end up with two polls, one with votes and one without.

In the meantime this appears to be another one of those classic low priority discourse “don’t do that” edge cases. Hopefully it won’t come up in my community again but now at least I know what to tell people if it does.

As for the other polls pitfalls, I will collect some feedback and start a new topic at some point.


Custom fields are not copied over when moving posts. Our PostMover was written way back in 2013 so it is probably a good time to maybe do another pass for that feature.


Thanks for reporting @tobiaseigen :thumbsup:

Fixed in