Translation mismatch ( or at least what I think it is )

Some comunity Ive been a member of for quite long time, recently banned me. OK, this happens; nothing big out of it.

But, here is what I saw:

Is trasnslation mistaken or is it as it should be? Second sentence insinuates that the ban was given out as a reason of their ( = admin team ) actions.

Is it what it was supposed to mean?

That’s what’s in the locale. I agree that it’s not especially clear. But also, it’s a pull-down, so it’s necessarily an approximation of whatever some moderator was thinking at that moment.

          not_listening_to_staff: "Would not listen to staff feedback"
          consuming_staff_time: "Consumed disproportionate amounts of staff time"
          combative: "Too combative"
          in_wrong_place: "In the wrong place"
          no_constructive_purpose: "No constructive purpose to their actions other than creating dissent within the community"
          custom: "Custom..."

Many thanks :pray: really appreciate it :grinning:

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