Translations for plugin not included

In last 2.3.0-beta3, I noticed that not all translations to Slovenian were included.

Translations in core/narrative/bot/{client|server}.yml were included, but not for plugin/canned-replies/{client|server}.yml.

There seems to be a difference how translations are included in new releases for plugins? Can you explain the difference (core vs. non-core plugins?) and tell us how to get updated translations to all plugins?


Translations of core and core plugins are always updated before a beta release. Usually translations in regular plugins are updated at the same time. @neil might be able to explain why it didn’t happen this time. Maybe he simply ran out of time – the beta was created at the end of his working week after all.

You can expect plugin translations to be updated next week.


Thanks for explaination, it is nothing urgent, just wanted to understand the difference and what is the process.

Sorry, I can see that I didn’t kick off the script to update the plugins when I updated everything else last week. I was multi-tasking and can see that tab of my terminal waiting for me to do it… :blush: Will do it today. Done