Trolls Liking Posts


Is there a reason why the account approval method mentioned above won’t work for you guys? I’m not saying that in a “just do that” way to be clear, just trying to understand why.

If it is a case of “we don’t want users to have to wait to access the site”, then I would argue that it’s the lesser or two evils compared to what is currently happening with this troll. It could even just be temporarily enabled while this person is targeting you.


@orangeandblack5, This may be a way of preventing them from creating new accounts - at least for a while - if they are using certain words or phrases in their usernames.

Change your settings in /admin/site_settings/category/login must approve users (Staff must approve all new user accounts before they can access the site).

Based upon their past usernames, you could route out many before they get a chance to start. Eventually, they may be “creative” enough to find a workaround. A possible solution to them opening an account with a “valid” username, getting approved, and then changing their username before they go on their liking spree would be to prevent users from changing their usernames as well. How many people actually go about changing their usernames anyway? Those that do can ask staff to do it if they are not allowed to do it themselves. Hope this can help a little - at least temporarily.


Because it has continued to be a problem, administration might be more receptive to the idea - however, one of the issues we have is that there are policies surrounding alternate accounts, the usage of which is currently allowed in such a way that only a single mod knows the identity of any given alt account (more knowing could cause large issues with the way we use them), and so requiring all accounts to be approved both requires one of our very small moderation team approve the request and puts them at risk of being exposed to the identities of accounts they should not have access to.

I can bring it up again for sure, but it seems tricky to make work well. There’s been an independent effort to ban usage of alternate accounts, and it’s possible this could push us to go with that and implement this function.

We already do not have this enabled.

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