Trouble with register_svg_icon and paypal

I’ve got a plugin that uses

register_svg_icon "paypal" #if respond_to?(:register_svg_icon)

but the paypal icon won’t render. A bunch of other ones do render.

These seem to work (and aren’t already included in Discourse, I think).

register_svg_icon "dumpster-fire" #if respond_to?(:register_svg_icon)
register_svg_icon "poo" if respond_to?(:register_svg_icon)

I was wondering if it might have to do with Content-Security-Policy now uses 'strict-dynamic' somehow.

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does using fab-paypal instead of paypal work?

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yea I think that one is fab-paypal and I did have to add it to the svg icon list in admin for it to work anywhere :thinking:


Doh! Thanks, @awesomerobot and @Lilly! I thought I’d tried fab-paypal, but I suspect now that I did it only in the {{d-icon "fab-paypal"}} and not the register_svg_icon "fab-paypal" if respond_to?(:register_svg_icon).

Computers are so picky. :person_shrugging:

I appreciate your time. I spent well over half an hour on this on several different occasions.


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