Troubleshooting Email Config Mailjet

I am using Mailjet, and it wasn’t sending the email for registering the admin account, so I tried the fix above, but whenever I add the single quotes around the email I get an error as shown below:

(<unknown>): did not find expected key while parsing a block mapping at line 40 column 3 -e LANG=en_US.UTF-8
YAML syntax error. Please check your containers/*.yml config files.

Anyone know how I can fix this?

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Hi @CorruptBlu

yml files can be a bit trick at times.

You might consider running your container yml file though a yml syntax checker.

I use this one, from time to time:

Here is an example, where we copy-and-paste an entire yml file and test it (showing some “env vars of interest” in the screen shot):


It actually turned out that I hadn’t connected my domain to Mailjet. It’s fixed now.