Troubleshooting steps for blog post not publishing to discourse category?

How do I troubleshoot when my blog post isn’t publishing to Discourse despite the checkbox being checked?

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Did it ever work? Has anything changed since then?

Yes, it worked but the last time I posted was I think April. I imagine there have been times if updates since then but the structure and settings have not changed.

Are you able to publish any posts from WordPress to Discourse? Is the problem just with one specific post?


I went to your website and saw that I still have an account on it. I checked the admin credentials (api_key and publishing_username) and they are valid. I didn’t try creating a post.

One thing that can make it impossible to publish a post from WordPress to Discourse is if you publish a post from WordPress to Discourse, then delete the post on Discourse and then try to republish the same post from WordPress do Discourse. Possibly this is what’s causing the problem you’re having. It’s definitely something that needs to be fixed. To do this, an ‘unlink-post’ setting needs to be added to the Publish to Discourse meta box. I’ll fix that right away.


Thanks for checking into this Simon. It never made it to discuss that I could see. I went over looking for it, then came back to make sure I checked the box, then unchecked and rechecked and updated.