where do I start to troubleshoot login issues? I’m getting to the login screen and then when I click login this error message pops up, but I’ve cleaned the cookies, tried an icognito window, unchecked WP SSO login:

This page isn’t working redirected you too many times.

* Try clearing your cookies


Did you make any changes to your website or your forum before this started happening?

You can bypass SSO login for your forum by going to Use your actual domain instead of This will let you login to the forum and fix any settings that may have recently been changed.

Excellent. That worked to get me in. I was trying to set up the wp Discourse SSO login from instead of But I must have messed something up.

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That makes sense. Check the ‘sso url’ setting on your forum.


The Forum SSO URL setting is blank.

Looks like I have it set now. Thank you, @Simon_Cossar