Trust-Level Avatar Flair

Hmm, something must have changed in core recently. Thanks for the report @Arduous! I’ll need to take a closer look next week, but a temporary fix should be adding this to your theme’s Desktop CSS:

.topic-avatar .tl-flair {
  top: 40px;

Is it possible that this has changed?
I only see in my Discourse the option js.trust_levels.names.xxxxx and not sure if that’s the one I should change for this.

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You can find these by searching for js.trust_levels.names on your /admin/customize/site_texts page, and that should bring them all up. :+1:

I’ll update the OP with the new field names. :slight_smile:


Hi @tshenry . Is it possible to enable setting to allow avatar flair on topic lists page author column?


Unfortunately, I don’t believe there’s a way to do that at this point. This component follows the same display logic as group flair, so given we don’t show group flair on the avatars of that column, it’s not going to work. There are deeper customizations one could do that could make it work, but that would be out of the scope of this component.


Afaik once a flair is assigned, say for newuser, is continues to automatically be displayed for higher trust levels. What I’d like to do is assign a flair, but only for newusers

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I would like to know if it is possible for the emblems to be “hidden” and available to choose through preferences! or do they become active automatically when the person moves up the “rank” within the forum?

Hi helpful friends.



Is this normal or is there a problem with my site?

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For automatic groups such as TL ones, there isn’t a ‘membership’ group setting option where you can check Automatically set as primary group so once you configure the group flair AFAIK the way for users to show the flair is to go to and change:


Have you considered using this theme component?


It happens at my site too. I think the problem with TL0 is here:

When I replace that with if (trustLevel !== null && trustLevel !== undefined) { TL0 users also have a flair at topics


Hi @ondrej and @Moin thank you for taking the time to reply.

Yes Trust-Level Avatar Flair I use this plugin.

How can I edit this @Moin ?
Where will I need to write?

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I made a PR to fix the issue. :+1:

I will make another one later to modernize the component and add tests.


Merged! Thanks so much @Arkshine.

That would be awesome! This component is very old. It’s one of the first I worked on. I don’t have very much time at all these days to stay on top of all my personally-managed components, so your contributions are sincerely appreciated.