Display FontAwesome icon next to an admin

Hi! I’m wondering how I can display a FontAwesome icon next to an admin user. I understand hat the shield is hidden on purpose, but I would like to put an icon there anyways. I’m new to Discourse and CSS with Discourse. Could anyone help me? Thanks!

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Perhaps this theme might do the trick?

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I may be misunderstanding the question, but I think @Ultra’s needs sound a little different from what the Trust Level Flair is made to accomplish since a user can be TL4 without being a true admin. But it certainly brings up an interesting thought. I should probably look into adding the ability to easily use font awesome for the trust level flair.

I think in this case, a group with established flair should be sufficient. I will respond with a more detailed suggestion when I get back to my computer :slight_smile:


You are the best tshenry. Thanks for clarifying.

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Thanks for helping! :smiley:

You create a group and call it admin (or whatever you want) and just have admin as members. Here is a form I filled out for one of my groups:

In the group settings, you can add a flair of your own making. I use this website to create my downloadable icons with fontawesome:

I upload the image to assets for site design (a topic that comes already set up in the forum) and then add the link for the image to “Avatar Flair Image” in the form you see above.


@Ultra, @McBlu summed it up very nicely.

If you haven’t found it already, you can get to the page in her screenshot by going to your Admin Panel, clicking the Groups tabs, and finally clicking the + New button. If you need any more help or clarification, feel free to ask :slightly_smiling_face: