Trust level groups cannot be used for category moderation?

Aye hi, so lately I acquired discourse and am hosting it on my own, however I seem to be needing help setting something.

So in some other forum I saw that before a post was actually sent, it had to be approved by someone, are there chances that I can specify which group can approve the post for an specific category?

Because I tried to do that but it seems it didnt work or it just do not save the setting. :confused:

my forum is for RP so do not mind the group names lol.

Anyways, here are the list of groups

Court Judge group used to be trust_level_2 group, but even if i make the following either name it wont save:

Make sure that you add the @ name that comes without spaces. Moreover, double check the groups permissions, whether they have access to that category or not.

They indeed have access to the category, but what do you mean about tag?

The only thing that I see on “permissions” is this:

There’s no such perms as mod or anything

When putting trust_level_2 what does it do? Are you unable to click Save? Doesn’t the name appear when you write it?

I guess you have already enabled category group moderation from the settings, is this correct?

When I put trust_level_2 it happens the same as court judge, aka, when I click save and I reload the page, it appears nothing

Yes I have done that already.

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The members inside trust level 2 group are all moderators/staff?

No, they are not staff nor moderators. But I want it so they can decline/Accept topics within the category.

If I am correct, that is a feature that is gone (was only available in 2.5.X) and there is only the category moderator section where they can close, review flags, etc

So basically they can NO longer approve topics?

But what I want is that essentially they can just close/delete topics on that specific category.

They can, but they would also be category moderators. So they can review flags and topics BUT they would also be able to close topics

Yes that is good and I do not mind other perms since its limited to the category they are supposed to moderate, so how do I make category moderators?

Apparently I reached the max posts per day so seems I need to edit this… -_-

here’s the video


@CaptainZac Yeah I did click save but it didnt work

Go into the category settings, then scroll down to where is says “moderators” and add the group

Here is a short screen recording of how to do it:


They already know where to locate it, as you can see in the first post. The issue is that after reloading, the category moderation group does not exist.

Did you click save changes?