Trying to bring paying members from wp to discourse

Hey there,

trying to find a good setup for a membership project. The current plan is to have either an external provider or something wordpress based for the payment. Either way the users will be held in wordpress and assigned to roles based on their status of payment.

In this thread I read that groups/roles are transfered from wp to discourse but couldn’t find any hints how this is handled within the wp discourse settings.

Can anyone hint me to where I can get this information? So basic goal is to only give users access to the forums that are paying members. As soon as the cancel their subscription or similar I move them to different roles in WP and want them to not have access to discourse anymore (or maybe in a more complicated setup to certain groups).

Any tips are appreciated. Thank you!


The following guides should be what you are looking for:


thanks, Taylor. That basically looks like what I was looking for but it’s a way more hacky solution than I hoped it would be. I fear the maintainability of that hack makes it a no go. I’ll go and see what else could be done.

thank you!

Unless you change your membership roles frequently, it’s not that bad.

If wordpress is only for membership management you might check out memberful, procourse memberships, or Patreon.