Trying to re-align an element of a theme and just wondering what it's called

Didn’t necessarily word that title great but I don’t particularly know what I’m doing :sweat_smile: I’ve been slowly trying to fix a broken theme/update deprecated parts (that I didn’t make of course) and I’m slowly getting it but I’m now trying to realign some parts and I don’t know what exactly I’m looking for.

I’ve gotten a lot of it but what would I be looking for to readjust this?

I want to re-align it properly with the actual topic as seen below (I also want to expand the the width of the posts themselves but that’s less important). There’s a ton of border customizations so I have no idea what this specific piece is

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You can use your browser’s inspector tool to find the relevant IDs or classes to target that element with CSS… this post may help: Make CSS changes on Your Site