Tuning a Discourse server for performance

Are there any guides (or Topics here on the forum) that provide tips on tuning a server that hosts Discourse sites for performance?

I ran the ./Discourse-set and it set a quarter of the ram (to 4096mb) and added 8 unicorns workers - but is there anything else we can do, or tweak these?

The server has 64GB ECC Ram and two 512GB NVMe SSDs (in a raid array). Looking at top, only around 5GB of memory us being used, with 57392484 avail Mem. It does run other non-Docker sites, but they don’t use up much of the resources and MySQL is already tuned for a large 2GB db. Load averages are generally below 1.0 (usually around 0.50 up to 1.0 with occasionally going over). No problems have been reported, but I am hoping to utilise as much of the server as possible.

I’m wondering whether to start by doubling db_shared_buffers… and what about #db_work_mem: "40MB" which is currently commented out.

All info/tips appreciated :smiley: