Twitter Login and signup error

I have gone through all the steps provided to add login via twitter but after finishing all steps when i tried login it is giving me this error

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All other logins are working fine but only twitter is giving me this error.
My forum link is

I’d suggest to look into your twitter application first to see if it has permissions sorted properly.

Then I’d cross check with all the tokens and secrets for possible mismatch.

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This is my permission setting for my twitter app.

Try it with read & write then test again!

Also, an interesting place to look at would be and /admin/logs to know exactly what is failing.

Also, Your forum seems to be configured over SSL so one thing to check will be force_https in your admin panel and confirming if you have set up https links in the twitter application.

My twitter configuration is as follows and it works fine:

Settings to request email and App permission is Read only.

refer this:



I have edited callback URL from to

And now its working fine.