Twitter & Google login not working any more

Hello, after updating to the latest version of Discourse earlier today, the OAuth login with Twitter / Google (unsure about others) is not working any more. I can see the usual success text for a second and then it refreshes to “We’re sorry there was a problem authorising your account” (apologies if not 100% accurate translating from Spanish). How can I troubleshoot / fix the problem please?

Many thanks


Can you try updating to latest? Is this the same thing @falco?


Thanks for getting back to me. I’m on v2.4.0.beta2. I understand I am on the latest then?

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Hello. Well, something must have happened with cookies, I didn’t think to try after clearing cookies, or even with a different browser. So, apologies, that did the trick.


Hi again. I thought clearing out cookies had fixed the issue but I’m getting the same behaviour on my iPhone. None of the “social login” options works. I tried to clear the cookies but it didn’t work. Some other users report the same effect. Any suggestions please?

We have no other reports of issues here, so perhaps something with your Discourse configuration is incorrect? Did you double check the #howto topics on setting up Twitter and Google logins?

Thanks for replying. It has been working for nearly 3 years now. All I did was upgrading to the latest version from the most recent previous one. Is there a way of troubleshooting it? It is true that it is only affecting a few users including myself.

Kind regards, Arturo

I’m now seeing something similar. A functional install where twitter login just stopped working for me as an admin. I’m not sure if this is affecting all users or just me though.
The error I get when trying to login is “An error occurred when starting authorization. Please try again.”, which is not very descriptive.
It seems like a POST request to is getting redirected to /auth/failure?message=request_error. Clearing Twitter’s cookies didn’t seem to help…