Twitter oneboxes now require Twitter credentials

In the past, Discourse obtained the information necessary for rendering Twitter oneboxes by either crawling the webpage or using the Twitter API. Due to the recent changes made by Twitter, we can no longer get all the information we need from crawling webpages and had to drop support for the first method. Twitter oneboxes will continue to work as long as you are using the Twitter API.

How do Twitter oneboxes look?

Here is an example onebox of

Does this change affect you?

This change affects only sites that are not using Twitter API for fetching oneboxes (Twitter preview). If your site is hosted by CDCK or it has twitter consumer key and twitter consumer secret site settings set, your site is not affected.

How can I fix this?

Follow the guide for generating Twitter API keys and set up Discourse to use them, but skip changing the “enable twitter logins” site setting:


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