Twitter oneboxes and links broken now that login is required

It’s broken again :roll_eyes:

Here’s an example:

The problem this time however, appears to be that Twitter is requiring you to log in to view tweets now :pensive:

Try opening that Twitter link in an incog browser:

This Elon Musk guy :roll_eyes: :man_facepalming:


Thanks @Richie - I’ve just merged a fix:

Actual footage of us dealing with the Twitter API changes

Cat Playing GIF


I can’t quite believe it :rofl:

Thanks for the update!



As a moderator on OpenAI Discourse (EricGT) I often link to official OpenAI Tweets but now that Twitter requires an account to even view a link to a Tweet, for those without Twitter accounts the links will not work.

Modified from original post on OpenAI.


Hi Eric,

There’s not much we can do on the Discourse side about Twitter links requiring login. But it looks like, at least for the time being, we can still support the Onebox ‘embeds’. That should help to make the content visible to people that don’t have a twitter account.

The fix we made today will be rolling out naturally across our hosting over the coming days/weeks, but we can expedite it for specific sites if needed.


While I am not an OpenAI employee, can the OpenAI site be expedited. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the consideration.


Rebuilt with this fix and I’m still not getting embeds with the onebox. Happy to provide network logs, etc if it’s helpful. I get a 404 on the onebox call.

@bsawicki just checking, after updating did you remove/null your twitter consumer key and twitter consumer secret settings?

I get a 404 with or without the consumer key and secret. We’re self hosted, and based on piecing together a few threads I think we’re out of luck unless we want to pay for the API, but if I’m wrong please correct me. We are using the new native embed plugin, but the jumps it produces are pretty annoying.

Here is not working with or without consumer keys, it seems that paid API is required.

Hmmm, ours is still working with the Twitter Native Embed theme :thinking:

Link to an unlisted, public, incognito, test:

The native embed plugin is not the onebox rendered embed. They are different things.


This goes well beyond the existing one-box method, but it is theoretically possible to create a web archive of a tweet and replay that on a post. I wrote up some instructions on how to do this with plain HTML pages here:

Theoretically, one could write a plug-in to one-box for WACZ files in Discourse. Unfortunately, I’m more of a watcher of the project now since I had to shut down my Discourse-powered site. Happy to offer advice if asked.