Two or three languages discourse

Hello the community !!!
I am from France so excuse my poor speaking :expressionless:

I have a discourse with categories and sub-cat.
I would like to keep this structure and let people to choose the language to read.
I would like to know if there is a plugin to add one or two more languages on my discourse ?

If not, what is the way to have one or two more languages ?

I have think of making 2 main ‘parent categorie’ : one for ‘french contributors’ and one for ‘english contributors’ and inside these ‘parent catĂ©gories’ I would paste the same structure of sub-catĂ©gories.

Is this the easiest way ?
Thank you for your interest and your answers.


It boils down to which you prefer. Using the same instance, you can

  1. Create individual categories that are language-specific as you’ve described, or
  2. Use the set locale from accept language header site setting to have to your users register on the site with the locale their browser is set to.

I see you already asked a question over at How to structure a multilingual community - #34 by Yves_Lauzin, so no need to mention that post again.

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solution 2 will be sufficient for contributors to be able to read the Categories and sub cat and subjects in their own language ?

my question at
was about the site in example, because it seems that ‘other languages’ is a main catĂ©gory with sub-categories ; french, english, deutsch

So I wanted to know

Best regards


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Yes, if the translation for that language is sufficient enough, they should be able to use the community. Please see Crowdin Enterprise for details on our translated languages.

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ok What is
Crowdin Enterprise

It shows if the language is well supported ? what else ?


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