Two users from same IP address

Hello all,
Is there a way to see if two users were created by the same person (maybe they were created from same ip)?

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Head to their admin section and check the IP’s. If someone has created a second account, the first account will appear there.


This data explorer query will tell you if they have the same IP address, which is not the same as being the same person.

WITH users_per_ip AS (
count(1) AS user_count,
u.registration_ip_address AS ip,
max(u.created_at) last_create,
min(u.created_at) first_create,
(max(u.created_at) - min(u.created_at)) diff,
case when (max(u.suspended_at) is not null 
      or max(u.silenced_till) is not null )
      then 1 else 0 end bad
FROM users u

SELECT AS user_id,
date_trunc('day',u.created_at)::date created,
date_trunc('day',upi.diff) days,
upi.ip AS ip_address
FROM users_per_ip upi
JOIN users u
ON u.registration_ip_address = upi.ip
WHERE upi.user_count > 1
ORDER BY upi.last_create DESC
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