Typeform or Google Form support in Onebox?

So I’m looking to embed a form on my discourse forum (something like Typeform or Google Forms)… the reason I’d like a form and not a [poll] is that I’d like an easy way to pull the content from the form and use it for other things in my community, like for example, an events calendar and a visual map of users. Typeform / Google Forms make that easy with tools like Zapier.

Seems like this would have to be a plugin? Does anyone have any thoughts? I’m not sure where to get started… was looking for info on onebox-ing things in Discourse but couldn’t seem to find the right post.

Any help appreciated!

Onebox is only used to present static meta-data pulled from OpenGraph or oEmbed.

I’m pretty sure we supported Google Forms once upon a time, but right now it results in an empty white box. Is this a regression @techAPJ?

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I added Typeform onebox, it will be avaliable on the next onebox gem bump.


TypeForm OneBox Test


Is there any way to increase the height of the rendered typeform? Mine is being cut off and important text is not displayed, and no scroll bar is present.

Split this screen in two if you need more space (make it a two steps instead of one).

The typeform onebox is already a bit taller than what we usually do, to ensure you can fit a reasonable screen.