TypingDNA-based Identification and Banning Plugin Solution

For more than a year, we have encountered a persistent user who continually returns using multiple IPs, emails, names, and other methods to bypass our existing security measures. This has become a significant concern for our team, and we are exploring solutions to address it effectively.

One idea we have is to implement a plugin that leverages TypingDNA’s technology to uniquely identify and ban this user based on their typing pattern. We believe that capturing and analyzing their typing pattern in correlation with their username may provide a more reliable and robust method of identification and prevention.


There isca Fingerprint plugin that may help eith identifying.

We had a very persistent user/troll brigading the forum… We turned on new accounts need approval and checked email domains of the new user to verify they are not disposable. Rach disposable email domains wr added to the blocked domains list in site settings. Took a couplr of months but eventually he gave up.


Wow, I don’t find this, this looks fantastic, thanks for sharing!


Your very welcome! Hope it helps.

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