UI Bulk operations & Notifications

Happy new year everyone :tada:!

I had an issue a couple of days ago - I was going to rearrange the Categories in my recently migrated Forums, and I was using the Bulk operations accessible from the UI (select a bunch of topics, then press the red wrench :wrench: button).

I got this very useful menu:

So I set the category for a ton of topics (a few hundreds, one hundred at a time), and behold, my users started getting seriously spammed with notification emails. Luckily I hit a provider limit of 500 a day and most of them never went out :relieved:. Still, one person alone got over 50 emails and (naturally) complained.

For a Category change, it’s quite arguable if a notification is useful/necessary. I guess sometimes it will be useful. But if it’s happening in bulk, it’s much less likely that it will be useful. In fact, the posts I was moving were all from around 2015, nobody really wants to receive email regarding that…

I feel this would be better:

That checkbox would really save the dialog box, and make it usable again. Right now I am blocked from doing the rest of my reorg work from the UI…

EDIT: since no one recommended any course of action in Support, I’m moving this to the Feature category as I assume no alternative solution exists to control these notifications.