Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages when trying to run a phpBB importer


I’m trying to run a docker phpbb3 importer by following this guide: Importing from phpBB3

However, during point 3 (./launcher rebuild import), script gives me a following output:

I was able to run discourse app.yml without any troubles, just the import.yml makes troubles.

I’m on Ubuntu 14.04 (digitalocean). Thanks in advance for any clues!

The package repos that the importer is using are pooched. I have no specific advice on how to fix it, other than to identify which repo is providing the dud package and see if there’s another repo that isn’t broken. It’s also possible the problem is transient, and will come good in the near future.

To be honest - i’m not too good at unix-related fixes and tasks in general. I’m also not quite sure if i understand you well - is that something i can do on my own or i need to wait for some patches to the discourse repo/dockerfile/whatever ? (i could obviously do that by myself somehow but i’m affraid it’s totally beyond my imagination)

You can do it yourself if you’ve got the knowledge (or are willing to acquire it), otherwise it’ll have to wait until someone else who does have the knowledge bumps into the problem (or is pointed in the appropriate direction and told “go forth and fix”). We (CDCK) do phpBB imports every now and then, so if this is a persistent problem we’ll end up fixing it if nobody does in the meantime. It wouldn’t surprise me, though, if you try it again tomorrow sometime, if it all Just Worked, and it was a temporary repo problem.

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I created a pull request that fixes this problem a month ago. I’m not sure why it hasn’t been merged yet. For the time being you’ll have to apply the changes yourself.



Sorry about that! I just merged it.

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