[Paid] LF someone to simply run the bbpress import and give me a discourse backup

Basically, I’m stuck in running the importer. I’m fairly new to Docker and Ruby etc and I’m at my wits end quite frankly. I run into tons of errors with gems among other things so I think it’s time to try a different approach. I can provide the database in a zip file, it’s not very large and all I need is a backup file I can then upload to my discourse instance so my users and stuff are all imported.

I don’t think it’ll take someone with a development environment very long, so give me a reasonable quote and I’m sure we’ll come to some sort of agreement :smile:



There’s a bug in the importer, search on the forum. Hopefully there will be a commit to fix this soon.

This may be it: https://github.com/gschlager/discourse/commit/827daf7f0f4b50945dcf4760a4d34137a6040ce3

Edit 1 : I just created a new setup with v1.2.0.beta5, now importing Vanilla 2 export
Edit 2: It worked

Any chance you could run me a quick bbpress import buddy? I’d really appreciate it. Can provide a zip of my db.

I really don’t know where I’ve been going wrong since I’ve followed everything pretty much spot on, it’s just not working for me. Having said that I’m new to Docker and Ruby in general so it might just be me being a plonker! I don’t mind lobbing you some $ for the trouble.

I’m new to Ruby too.

You need to provide them, then maybe someone can help you.

Here’s how I patched and imported (the last, import step, must be done as the discourse user):

My import steps are described at the bottom of this page:
[Paid] Need a Vanilla 2 Import tool - #62 by omfg (just don’t try to import a .gz file, it must be decompressed).

If these steps work for you, that would be that. If not, I can’t help because I don’t know anything about this stuff. But you can post your steps and the error you get.