Unable to delete a category


I am trying to delete the “lounge” category in a fresh discourse installation (v1.9.0.beta14 +165) localized in french.

When I click on the “Delete Category” button, a kind of bubble pop-up appears saying “Welcome to the lounge” in front of the button, and nothing happens. I cannot delete the category. This does not happen when deleting other categories I created myself.

As said before, the site is localized, so the delete button is “Supprimer la catégorie” and the weird popup is “Bienvenue dans le salon”

What can I do?


There should be more text in that popup. @awesomerobot is this a dark-theme CSS bug?

@Galinette, my guess without seeing the full error is that the category has topics in it. Try deleting all lounge topics before deleting the category.

Yeah appears to be a color issue with dark themes; I’ll get a fix in later today.


Just submitted a fix. Thanks for letting us know @Galinette!



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