Unable to delete Lounge Category


I installed discourse recently. Great Software. But I am having a problem. I am creating the categories for my Site but there’s a default Lounge category which I am unable to delete. It simply say’s “Can’t delete this category because topic count is 1” But there are no topics expect the description topic that is “About Lounge Category” and I am unable to delete this as well.

Please guide me on how to get rid of this builtin category. Or


some hints at solving your issues with the Lounge category can be found in these old topics:


What steps did you take to delete the About topic in the Lounge category?


I had seen them already. In fact, I searched and found these two topics but they didn’t help much. To deleted them I went to Edit category -> Security, but it shows the message I said in my main post.

There is only one topic available in the lounge category and that is About Lounge Category which I am unable to remove since there’s no option to remove it from the topic admin settings.

See: http://prntscr.com/e1bj4y

This is what I see when I try to delete the category: http://prntscr.com/e1bjjf

I never posted any topic in lounge but still shows 1 topic.

To delete the topic, click on the wrench icon :wrench: then Select messages and go on to select the first message in the topic, you should be able to delete it.

Except the description topic there are no messages. I tried what you said before posting, still didn’t work.

For now I have suppressed it from showing up in the homepage.

I have exactly the same issue and no solution.

Just in case if it matters: I may have posted some random test post there after installation, but have deleted it - if it even was on that forum. So only post that is left is the undeletable About topic.

We’re planning to relax the permission restrictions on Lounge. This is a #planned enhancement.

I am unclear how this is related. Deleting is supposed to work, so this is a bug, not a “planned enhancement”

Hmm, I tested it and was able to delete the Lounge category. Like you said @RahulSharma, there was 1 topic which I didn’t create.

I had two topics showing in Lounge: “Welcome to the Lounge” and “About the Lounge category”. I deleted the “Welcome to the Lounge” topic, and then I could delete the Lounge. Do you see a “Welcome to the Lounge” topic?