Unable to Login to Discourse, using wpdiscourse plugin


I have a wordpress install using the wp discourse plugin.

I am not able to use the login link, it redirects to a blank page.

My install uses the latest version of wordpress and the lastest version of wpdiscourse.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hey @FuryWebdev could you just confirm your current DiscourseConnect setup. If you could just confirm the following

  • Wordpress is your DiscourseConnect provider?
  • Enable DiscourseConnect Provider is selected in your WP Discourse settings?
    • What other settings in your DiscourseConnect Provider admin panel do you have enabled?
  • You have a DiscourseConnect Secret Key in WP Discourse set?
  • You’ve enabled enable discourse connect in Discourse?
  • You’ve set the discourse connect url setting in Discourse?
  • You’ve set discourse connect secret setting in Discourse with the same value you set in DiscourseConnect Secret Key in WP Discourse?