Unable to mention groups >250 members

Hello! :wave:t4:

I’m currently facing an issue where I’m unable to mention a group which has more than 250 members in it.

I am getting this error in settings.

I was able to mention groups greater than 10,000 or more members until mid of December 2022.
Is there somehow I could increase this limit?

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Hi @Shawnpinto :slightly_smiling_face:

I believe an engineer is currently looking into improving the performance of @mentions for large amounts of users and should hopefully have a fix for this soon. :crossed_fingers:


Got it!
Thanks for the update :grin:


Can this be split between staff and non-staff? Maybe it already is?

I think you could already do that by using this in conjunction with the ‘Who can mention this group’ controls? For any group with over x amount of members you can have it as ‘Admin and Moderators only’, and then the @mention will display as eg @team, but no one will get a ping unless a staff member uses it.

(Fun forum fact: not even admin can ping @team on here now after I accidentally used it about 15 times in my first week… :slightly_smiling_face:)


Apologies for the inconvenience, the limit was removed in:


Yes! I’m able to edit the field and enter a higher amount now.

Thank you so much team :grinning:

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