Unable to remove member from group [v1.3.0.beta2]

I have tried to delete several different accounts from this group and they don’t delete. Any ideas?

Edit: This is a group that I recently renamed.

Edit2: I should have looked at the logs as well. This is the error that seems to correspond to dropping the user from the group:

PG::UniqueViolation: ERROR:  duplicate key value violates unique constraint "index_group_users_on_group_id_and_user_id"
DETAIL:  Key (group_id, user_id)=(42, 5681) already exists.
: INSERT INTO "group_users" ("created_at", "group_id", "updated_at", "user_id") VALUES ('2015-03-03 18:29:47.593535', 42, '2015-03-03 18:29:47.593535', 5681) RETURNING "id"

The staff group is special, you can’t remove people from it and shouldn’t rename it.

This is a custom group, it’s under “Custom” – so it should be editable.

ooh! I hadn’t seen the CUSTOM / AUTOMATIC update - that is very nice. Thanks for protecting us from us! :+1:

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I just removed it :wink: The issue was that the “Apply the same email domain rule to add existing registered users” checkbox needed to be unchecked otherwise that user was automatically re-added since her email matched openrov.com.