Group rename and group owners removal problems

I noticed that there is a bug in the new group management functions.
(just migrated to the latest release Version v2.0.0.beta6 +52 2.0.0.beta6 but I had this problem already in one of the latest beta5 builds)

  • it looks like capital letters are no longer supported in group names
    I renamed a group that had the group name “NRW-DiB-Tische” to “NRW-Aktionsteam” and the system showed that the group name is available, but after clicking on the save button and a reload it is then “nrw-aktionsteam”

    But the existing groups are still in capital letters:

  • I could add additional owners to the renamed group but I cannot remove the existing owners. Clicks on remove as owner does not remove the old owners


I also faced problem with group owner removal. the logs are as following:


log.txt (12.0 KB)


warning.txt (11.9 KB)

just installed the latest release Version v2.0.0.beta6 +102
Error does still exist

V2.0.0 beta8 has the same issue. I have added new owners, used the Remove as Owner option in maintenance to remove myself as owner, but it does not remove me.

Is it that I can no longer remove myself, as I successfully did prior to the upgrade?

My groups that I am trying to modify have capitals in their names.

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Oops this is a regression. Fixed in

Fixed in


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