Unable to see the Uncategorized category in the category List

(Shalin TJ) #1

I started using Discourse a couple of weeks back and I just noticed that that the “Uncategorized” category which I renamed to “Others” is no longer appearing in the list of categories. The Status quo is::

  1. In Category List: Not appearing
  2. In Reorder Categories: It does appear
  3. While creating a topic: The “Others” does show up
  4. In the Latest / Posts view: It does not appear.

URL: www.ecitizen.org.in


(cpradio) #2

What value do you have set for the following setting: suppress uncategorized badge

(Shalin TJ) #3

This is what it shows…

(Shalin TJ) #4

I found the issue… The “suppress category from homepage” checkbox under Category was checked… Unchecking it solved the problem… Thanks…

(cpradio) #5

Ah, yeah, I forgot about that setting. :smile:

(Régis Hanol) #6