Unable to view my Wordpress post on discourse

Hey I have enabled SSO and after setting up everything, when I posted a post to my discourse from WordPress, Posting was successful, but when i try to open , after clicking on view full post it is showing error.

Please give me some suggestion.

My forum URL is ask.cyberthana.com
and my post url is https://ask.cyberthana.com/t/again-sso-testtttttttingggg/55

Origianl post not showing after clicking on show full post,
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*** Password**
*** * Remember Me**
This is showing instead of original post.

Could you try creating a longer post, something at least a few sentences long, and see if that solves the problem? When Discourse tries to retrieve the post from WordPress, it looks for the most readable content on the page.

Original post https://cyberthana.com/acer-predator-triton-700-review-the-beauty-and-the-beast-of-gaming-laptops/

Discourse post link- https://ask.cyberthana.com/t/acer-predator-triton-700-review-the-beauty-and-the-beast-of-gaming-laptops/56

Why image and tables are not showing like original post on my website?

The problem with images could be that you’re using a lazy-loading plugin for images on your WordPress site, so Discourse isn’t able to retrieve them.

I just did a quick test with tables, and you are correct that they don’t work when the Show Full Post button is clicked - Discourse just pulls the text content from the table. If you publish the full post, instead of an excerpt, from WordPress to Discourse, tables are displayed correctly. I’ll look at that some more.

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What do you mean by lazy-loading plugin? I am using short-pixel for my image compression, after that i am not using any other plugin for image.

After enabling post setting from excerpt to full everything looking good, but in excerpt mode tables and image are not showing.

When I scroll down the WordPress post, images are loaded as I scroll. Some of the images are loading quite slowly and images at the bottom of the post don’t seem to be loading at all. Viewing the source of the page, you can see that the images have a data-lazy-src attribute. This isn’t something that WordPress does be default, so there must be a plugin that’s dealing with images in this way.