Undefined method "enable quoting" for User

(Ivan) #1

If I’m not mistaken, this error has occurred because I pulled the “latest” version a few weeks ago, but as I have not needed to go back to my local Discourse for testing until today, I have only just seen this error message when spinning it up. Has anyone encountered the error below and knows how to resolve this? Admittedly, I’m not really sure how to go about doing this.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Is this error causing a problem? What functionality is impacted by this error?

It is unclear to me where you found this error message.

(Erick Guan) #3

What you are seen comes from better_errors. You must be in a dev instance.

You jumped in the wrong commit and the db is inconsistent with that commit.
Why not nuke your development environment and start over if you messed up the database?
rake db:drop db:create db:migrate will give you a fresh start.

(Ivan) #4

@codinghorror: After rails s in terminal, and going to localhost:3000, this is the first message I am greeted with, and thus not able to use my local Discourse.

@fantasticfears: Great I’ll give your advice a go, thanks!

(Ivan) #5

Hey Erick,

I gave your suggestion a go and was greeted by .

Not sure about the first error, but this migration error appears to have been caused by a custom plugin. I disabled the discourse-location and did as you suggested and now I have a fresh instance of Discourse. Cheers