Unexpected flags showing up... False flags!

Love hearing that. We’re on the edge of our seat.

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Tests have passed, fix rolled out to all affected sites. Sorry about this!

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thanks @jomaxro

to clarify, the original problem is solved, and hearts are no longer flags? We can turn them back on?

thanks for your help


That is correct. A change deployed yesterday updated the way we determine when to hide flagged posts, and in doing so introduced this bug where likes could cause posts to be hidden. That bug has been fixed.


Seth, I tested on your site and already enabled the Like button again and disabled the global warning.


thanks @Dax

if it was always that easy to get rid of global warming, I’d be a lot more optimistic about the future.

perhaps you and the team could work on that next.



What’s the best way for to scan the sites for posts that were hidden by this bug and unhide them?

With @codinghorror , who knows… we could even do it :muscle: :man_superhero: :woman_superhero:


This data explorer query should reveal all hidden (but not deleted) posts:

SELECT id, user_id, topic_id, post_number
FROM posts p
WHERE p.hidden = true AND p.deleted_at IS NULL

From there you can unhide the posts found.

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Thanks. I just set that up and we’ve got 400 posts to clean up. Is there a way for you to do it programmatically?

Perhaps you can unhide all in one fell swoop?

Certainly. You want us to unhide all hidden posts on the 3 sites listed above?

Yes please.

… and now extra chars to hit min post

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Let us know when the posts are un-hidden, and we’ll be able to wrap this up.

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You’re all set. All posts unhidden.

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Thank you so much for untangling this bug and helping us clean up after.


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