Trust Level 1 hiding post with one flag


I am having some trouble with the flagging system on our site.

Our issue is that one flag from a trust level 1 member is able to hide a post. It recently happened with a member flagging another’s (also trust level one) post as “inappropriate”. I have been able to recreate this with a test account repeatedly.

I have the “hide post sensitivity” set to low

Here is a screenshot of the reviewable scoring for the most recent test, trust level 1 hiding another trust level 1 with one “off-topic” flag.

We are a close community who have used many different forum softwares over the years, just recently decided to try Discourse. Flagged posts for us are extremely rare. However, we are opening up membership to the public soon and would like to have a robust system in place. Currently I have the feature disabled.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Interesting. Any thoughts on this @eviltrout?

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2.0 is quite a low score to hide a post. I suspect you are seeing this because your community sees so few flags that Discourse doesn’t think it’s much work to review it.

When your forum launches and you get more traffic you can expect that number to climb and this to go away.


Okay thank you, it seemed quite low to me as well. In fact the previous day I was checking into this the score to hide was 0 :see_no_evil: so this was an improvement lol.

We’ll keep it disabled for now and revisit in the future.

Overall our move to Discouse has been very positive for the community. The design has boosted our community conversations and traffic from our existing members has increased quite a bit. Really happy to have found this forum solution!

Thanks :blush: