Unexpected switch to desktop view on mobile

It’s a complete mess to try to type in the forum post editor in safari on iOS 13.4.1.

See attached images and video. In this video I’m simply trying to move the cursor to the bottom of the post, and insert an image. The screen jumps around hiding the place I want, every time I try to move it back into view.


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Can you repro it here on meta?

That appears to be a desktop mode view, while on mobile :thinking:

Can you check the hamburger menu for a “Mobile View” option?


No, it works fine on here, it seems to default to “mobile view”. It works fine even in desktop view. What does this message board owner need to do to fix this?

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That is not my board! I posted three topics because the owner told me it was not his problem, and to submit tickets to Discourse. What do I need to tell him?

This is very frustrating being told by everyone that it’s not their problem. It feels like it’s my problem, the user. And i’m powerless to fix it.

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It looks like you are in desktop mode rather than mobile mode. That’s normally detected based on the user-agent of the browser on your mobile device, which should work fine if you’re using Mobile Safari, the default in iOS.

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@Steamfire does the link not appear for you?

The link appears and that fixes the problem.

On discourse.org the mobile view is shown by default when I log in via safari ios.

-> On forum.miralouaero.com the desktop view is shown by default when I log in via safari ios.

How can the operator of that board fix this AND THE OTHER TWO PROBLEMS I POSTED THAT WERE DELETED?

Well, they all seem related to you seeing a desktop view, do they not? Usually the first thing to try with this kind of thing is clearing all the site data (cache/cookies/etc.) from you device.

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One of the deleted topics was irrelevant. The videos showed checklist.miracheck.com, which does not appear to be a Discourse forum. The other, as seanblue suggests, is the same issue, trying to use Desktop Mode on a mobile device.

First step is confirming if this is a persistent issue in the site, across all users. Have multiple other iOS users reported the same issue? If not, we have to assume it is device specific (your phone).

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Ok, it does appear that switching to Mobile view for the forum problems I have reported. The desktop view and the mobile view are nearly identical visually, and there’s no way to tell what view you’re on unless you go into the menu, or you recognize a bunch of broken things in a mobile-looking interface being a “desktop view”.

Clearing the website data in Safari iOS preferences for miralou.com does show that mobile view is the default when logging in to the forum.

Thank you for your help. This is a problem with the way desktop view looks confusingly like a broken version of the mobile view, and doesn’t look like a “desktop view” of a website to users.

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So the desktop view is built to be highly responsive, adjusting to fit various width screens. Desktop view is meant to work on an ultra-widescreen high resolution desktop monitor as well as on an older, square, low resolution monitor or a 10" tablet. Desktop view will continue to adjust down to smaller screens, like phones, but not everything works (as you noticed), which is where mobile view comes in.

99+% of the time users on a phone get mobile view, and all is well. Something strange happened with your phone and you ended up in desktop view.


Desktop view should not adjust down to the size of screen where it won’t work. It should behave like a normal website desktop view that just makes the phone user scroll around to access the (functional) features that require the wider screen. That’s why you would select desktop view on mobile.