Unfortunately I had to pull the plug

Try quoting several paragraphs, especially on small devices where you have to scroll off of the visible area of your screen.

Definitely a pain.


Why would you need to quote that much? That’s a bit of an anti-pattern in a community.

You know quotes can be dynamically expanded in Discourse, right? For example click or tap the title bar of this quote to see what I mean ↓


I’m aware, but if you’re trying to pick out two or three paragraphs at a time out of ten or so, it can be a pain on mobile to keep scrolling and hope it doesn’t drop you when you finally get there.

Plus, quoting an entire multi-paragraph post and then breaking it up or editing out parts manually is really not fun compared to other architecture.

You can also press the first button in the toolbar of the editor to do a full quote if you really want to go there.


That’s two clicks / taps, one to initate a reply, then another to the first button in the toolbar.


I know, mostly forum software has this option too.

But its still confuse for those who uses IPboard, Xenforo, PHPBB etc, who still majority on the internet when you talk about forum platforms.

When you click ‘reply’, then click ‘quote’ inside editor its a two-click quoting.

Even in Twitter you can easily quote someone with just a click.

No, that won’t be happening, sorry. If you need that I suggest switching to different software.

The idea is that it’s abusive to all future readers to quote too much content. And it is. So this friction is intentional.


I’m not sure “it doesn’t behave the same way as old software” is really a good reason to mimic any particular behavior.

AFAIK Discourse isn’t trying to be those products.


I absolutely understand you, when a post already has a quote on it/multiple quotes it can get really big.

But as I have seen on other platforms (especially in IPBoard, also in NodeBB who uses infinite scroll), you only quote the text (1) in the post, not the whole thing with another quote inside it. Also, If someone quote a really big post, you need to expand to see it (same behavior i seen on embed topics in Discourse).

That was the behavior that @eesty was talking about.

Also, I really like that Discourse hide quotes when you reply someone above and your concern to make topics easy and clean to read.

Some members from my forum really like this way and others are trying to get used to it (manual quoting for early replies). Do you think if its possible to replicate it with a plugin and make it a option? I was not necessarily talking about putting in the core. :sweat_smile:


Don’t take it is a insult. I really like Discourse. :wink:


I’m not insulted in the slightest, and this isn’t uncommon. From time to time people post about how much better Discourse would be if it emulated feature X from product Y, whose roots are ~15 years in the past.

The thing which drew me to work with Discourse initially was that it’s not trying to be any of those things. If it was then half of the communities I work with wouldn’t be able to do the things Discourse enables.


I suppose there might be one case where auto-quoting makes sense: when replying to a post which occurs mid-way through a long topic.

Without the quote, it’s hard to see the context, as there may be many posts between the “source” and reply post.

Perhaps it would make sense for Discourse to automatically quote (but only in this case)

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Great that you did not take it as an insult, I really think you guys are a step ahead from the other softwares (and I’ve tested plenty). I spent more than 1h per day here trying to learning more and more. The possibilities here seem endless.

I have no complaints at all. Team/staff also is so helpful.

Just the quote-think that are getting some members confused and I’m trying to listen all of them and make it comfortable for everyone… seeing the possible to replicate it with a plugin on marketplace and make it a option. Do you think its possible?

Isn’t that what this button is for? It’s automatically generated for any reply made where posts sit between the post and a response.


When clicked it shows an embedded version of the post being responded to, without losing place in the topic. There’s an arrow in the embed to take you back to the reply in question too.


I agree with you. But not the whole thing (multiple quotes in one) as i said.

On mobile it take you to the post. If you reading post #88 per example, and that person replied post #33 without quoting, you click on it to see the reply and get redirected. Then you need to scroll back or click on “BACK” button to continue reading. If you do this several times, it can be exhausting.

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Yes, those features are very useful. But they require a) the user to be aware of them and b) clicking to reveal the context

Late replies without quoting can make a topic can look confusing to the layman. Example (the “yes me” in the below topic, which references a post made earlier in the topic):

I’d suggest Discourse should have auto-quoted the “yes me” post, but avoided auto-quoting the “count me in too Chris”, as this reply came soon after its target post.


This catches me out frequently. You really have to be alert and cross check the avatar to make sure you’re reading it correctly.


Lol, reading this post I made I now understand why @codinghorror get annoyed

Fortunately @ChrisBeach show up to explain in a more intuitive way

Auto-quoting just early replies (the text, not quotes on it) would be great. Just want to know if it’s possible with a plugin too.


@eesty thank you so much for posting feedback here, it certainly helps us.

I did want to quickly address the various points here:

This pops up from time to time. A very strong position we have held ever since the project started is that “we will not add pagination”. At a fundamental level, if pagination is a must then Discourse is not a good fit.

Improving the experience though is on the table, things like allowing users to see bookmarks in the timeline, and fancier timeline controls are things we think about.

Though we will certainly not be adding this to core, amending post actions is completely doable in a theme component if you must. But keep in mind there is an aspect of “we must have MacDonalds” OK… “here is your unhealthy hamburger” to this.

This is something we do work on a lot (and did work on for our current release). It is hard to provide the huge amount of features Discourse has on offer with a very tight performance budget. We try to though, and we definitely made some improvements in the “user with tons of posts” department. @tgxworld even worked on the “giant topic” problem a bit a few month back.

There is a fundamental issue though, to get all the features Discourse has you are going to need more server resources than traditional dead simple php forums.

@neil recently spent a fair amount of time on this ad problems, I would be very curious for any specific reproducible issues. We want to improve this.


Glad to hear it, there are some really pathological quoting behaviors on old platforms and those were absolutely enabled by bad tooling.

So for someone to say, “hey man, we really need those bad quoting tools again…” I’m like … uhhh… no? No you don’t?


Yes, I agree with you.

What are your thoughts on this post? Do you think It be possible to replicate it with a custom plugin?