Unhide admin actions in a topic

Wouldn’t it be useful, if we had the ability to unhide, let’s say, a CLOSED or UNLISTED notification? There is now the :wastebasket: button, that hides the action from the public and only mods / staff can see them, plus ie. to make the CLOSED notification appear again, you have to open and again close the topic to make it appear. Therefore, I am proposing the ability to unhide this notification. It could look like this:

Or even like this:

I would really like to hear your thoughts on this one!

This is such a rare thing to do or even need, why would a lot of extra engineering work be justified here? Particularly when you have a way to do it already…


I really agree on what you say, but sometimes users get confused when they see a topic getting closed, then open, then closed again, with only reason to unhide the notification. As particularly everything in discourse has a way to undo the action taken by an amdin / mod, I thought this would help. As I said though, I see your point of view…