Don't show info messages as posts

I may be the only one, but for me posts like “this topic is now closed […]” or “this topic is now pinned […]” are a bit useless. Are there any plans to make this optional at some point? I think that the icons (pinned, locked, etc) are sufficient.


I’ve requested the same

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I don’t know, for me seeing a “Now Closed” often let’s me know when something is [Solved]

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Duplicate of this post:

that’s why I think they should be optional. For you those are useful, for me they are irrelevant.

IMHO extremely similar but not exactly duplicate.

Currently they are getting the “yellow” from

.moderator .topic-body {
    background-color: #FFFFCA;

But as moderator is applied to every Moderator and topic-body is applied to every Post I’m not sure that could be used as a way to hide only the “Now” posts.

And I’m not sure it’s a good idea to hide them as sometimes “yellow” posts contain information that is important for members to see.

@sam might it be possible to assign classes like “close-topic”, “pin-topic” etc. ?

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the CSS approach is a good idea. If we have a special class for this kind of posts, we can hide them if those are not needed.