Unicode usernames and group names

@pfaffman Thanks. That’s not what I meant, I meant:

username__ or username_ or user_name

User_Name and _Username should work, but it won’t allow Username_ (“Username must end with a letter or a number”)


Thanks. Is there a way to change it?

There is not an easy way.

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Thank you Jay, I appreciate it

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I tried to allow Japanese characters as username but failed. However, allowing Chinese only with \p{Han} takes effect. Is this method not usable anymore?

It should still work. Did you forget the braces at the beginning and end? It should be [\p{Han}\p{Katakana}\p{Hiragana}] – otherwise could you please provide example usernames that didn’t work?


Thank you!! It works now. The default value of this field was \p{Han} so I thought the braces were not necessary. :flushed:


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I wonder why? The username settings are once again restricted to alphanumeric etc. Can’t enter kanji or kana.

It was okay before.

It is now impossible to save user names consisting of kanji and kana.

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Are you getting an error? Can you sign up with a Kanji username?

Is [\p{Han}\p{Katakana}\p{Hiragana}] the value of the allowed unicode username characters site setting? Could you please reply with the username that didn’t work as text, not screenshot, so that we can give it a try.


I’m very sorry. It’s been resolved.
There is no problem with the system.
Rather, the long horizontal line in the Japanese pronunciation was not recognized as a kanji. I removed the horizontal lines later in the test and it works fine. Thank you very much for your concern.