Unknow error "BAD CSRF"

Hello, When I enabled “force https” and many functions reported “BAD CSRF”, I was not sure if my ssl configuration was correct or if my problem was somewhere else. I used a non-standard installation and used “./launcher rebuild app” to customize the installation. My ssl file is xxx.pem and xxx.key, I am not sure whether the pem file is OK, I see the official document is xxx.crt, currently I cannot cancel “force https” on the page, what should I do?


Can someone help me?

Hi @micoHuang,

I’m sorry to see no one has any suggestions for you. I don’t have a solution, but I wanted to be sure you had seen this topic: Troubleshooting "BAD CSRF" error on initial site setup?.
It’s not identical to your situation, but there may be something there that gives you some help.

The topic I linked above has a reply that describes how to enable force https… I’m wondering if using those instructions with false instead of true might allow you to disable it? (Note: Please wait to see if anyone chimes in before you try that. :grimacing:)