Absense of favicon & 'force https'

Hi guys.

If it’s not a bug - why I needed to on ‘force https’ in order to have favicon work?

I’m pretty sure that https has been required for some years now. I think that favicons are not the only thing that’s broken without https.

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And mixed content warnings are just boring.

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I was being specific - or perhaps not enough? - 'force https’ in ‘settings’ I had to enable for favicon to appear, even with https protocol already set & used on the web server end.

fantastic! insight (& help), thanks.

Worth mentioning that every install following our official install guide ends up with force_https enabled out of the box, making problems like this very rare and limited to custom installs.

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Maybe it should just be enabled by default? Maybe it’s better to just be broken if they somehow try not to use https.