Unknown/deleted user

Since this is not the first time this happens, I’m reporting here.

When someone (known) likes a post, sometimes it appears as “unknown/deleted user”, although, in this case, this is a personal message and the person is actually known.


It may be a regression in a recent release.

If there is a way to rebake post or something like this from the console to fix it, I’m all ears!


Have seen that happen with a user that has been muted/ignored, which seems to probably be intentional, but that is happening with a user you have not muted?

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Thanks for asking @Architect.

I have seen this happening once or twice previously, but in this case this is a private message with a couple other people, and the person who liked the post was sitting next to me, so I could confirm who performed the like. We’re both admins on the forum, so there’s no chance we muted each other. :wink: