Likes from muted users aren't visible

I’m putting this in #bug because it feels wrong to me, but if this is working as intended feel free to move to #feature for further discussion.

One of my posts was liked, but I didn’t get a notification. I suspected this was because a user I have muted was the one who liked the post, which I confirmed by viewing the post when logged out. Since they were muted, not getting a notification is, of course, expected.

What’s unexpected is that I could not see who liked my post when viewing the post itself. Instead of seeing their profile picture, I only saw an unclickable black circle, as shown here:

The settings page mentions nothing about suppressing this information. It only says:

Suppress all notifications and PMs from these users

I have this user muted (not ignored) only because they regularly link one of my topics and I was tired of getting those notifications. I have no reason to block anything else from this user.

This was done because some people who need to mute other users have seeing their avatar as a problem. Occasionally, the muted user can be expected to use the avatar maliciously, and do the damage either in a way non-obvious to forum moderators or before the forum moderators can see it.


It doesn’t suppress their profile picture in any other way though. This user posted right after me and I can see their profile picture on their post.

Maybe hiding the picture from likes was done before “ignored users” was a thing, but it feels more appropriate there instead of with “muted users” since this has nothing to do with notifications.