Unlimited amount of replies in a private message

Hey there! I was wondering would there be a possibility of adding an “unlimited reply” for private messages?

Because over in the Infinite Flight Community (which runs through discourse) all us Aussies have a private chat and it will keep ending so we have to invite everyone in again - that can get pretty annoying

So just as a little feature it would be great to have this as a feature


Private messages were previously unlimited - they were capped for performance reasons.

You may want to consider asking the Infinite Flight admins to make you a group private category.


Thanks for the reply,

That sounds interesting! I’ll try it.


Yes, the PM post limit is within the control of Discourse, group creation is not.

Edit: and now this reply makes no sense due to your ninja edit. Good luck with the private category request!


Discourse isn’t designed as a “chat” system, so yeah, if you’re using it like that you’ll end up bumping into limitations like the one you’ve found. As @jomaxro said, the cap was put in place because gigantic topics (public or private) cause performance problems, because Discourse wasn’t designed for huge topics, because they’re generally not discussion.


Ok, thanks everyone!

I’ll follow your advices :wink:

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You might also look at plugins that provide chat functionality.