Private Message Rate Limits

Hi. So a few friends use the private message system on my Discourse forum as a sort of chat system. Is there anyway I could set the system to where if you are trust level 3 or higher there are no rate limits on private messages (or even just something crazy high like 1,000 or 10,000 per day)?

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I don’t know if it’s relevant but have you tried tinkering with max_personal_messages_per_day setting in admin?

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I just found that - is there a way to make it unlimited or should I just set it to a very high number?

Try making it a crazy high number as it doesn’t say that setting 0 will remove the limit. maybe set it to 20000

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I’ll try that. Like we’re using the private message system in a way similar to the way you’d use XMPP/IRC - a bunch of really small messages - while that’s probably not what the developers intended - I’m paying for the Google Cloud Servers so if it eats up resources that’s my problem :stuck_out_tongue:


Exactly! Personal messages are more like emails. Long replies and only meaningful conversation but with added benefits of some real time update.

Why don’t you use the babble plugin for chat? it works great!

I’m trying to avoid plugins - less points of failure. For example a plugin might not get updated and Discourse adds a breaking change. I’m trying to avoid that.

The real time updates are awesome :smiley:

By the way I marked your answer as the solution - thank you :slight_smile:


Babble is well maintained. Even if something is failing, there are a lot of people using it so it gets reported and @gdpelican is super speedy at fixing such things.