Unlisted topic showing as linked topic

If you move a single-post topic (A) into an existing topic (B) and unlist topic A (which remains in a “will automatically be deleted in 7 days” state), topic A still appears as a “linked topic” on topic B. Is this intended? I expected it not to be listed there either.

Have you tried seeing it the unlisted topic is visible to as a linked topic non-admins?

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Yes it is (this is the situation which surprised me).

I’m on 2.9.0.beta5. Perhaps I should upgrade to beta6 and report back.

If you delete the small action post for the split in Topic A and refresh I think that will remove the back link.

I think Unlisting removes topics from visibility, but still allows direct links to work (as opposed to moving to a private category, for instance).


I changed it from a relative URL to an absolute URL, so it looks the same but doesn’t create the back link.

Please clarify for me: are you keeping the the unlisted topic around?

I don’t understand why you would keep any URL around, if that moved topic is going to be deleted. Also, why not just delete it? :slight_smile:

It just seems to be how Discourse works.

If you move the post from a one-post topic to another topic, Discourse doesn’t immediately delete the one-post topic. Instead, it closes it and sets it to be deleted within seven days. During that period the post in question appears on the forum twice: once in the soon-to-be-deleted one-post topic, and once where you really want it to be. It adds a note that the post has been merged, and a link to the other topic (this is what causes the back link).

I unlisted the one-post topic (instead of deleting it) so as not to interfere with Discourse’s normal operation. I wasn’t sure why it hadn’t been deleted, or what unintended consequence there might be if I were to delete it.

Do you know why Discourse does what it does? That would help me answer your question.

The 7-day timer is just a default. The feature of deleting the residual topic stubs was added in last year:

You can delete them straight away manually, or edit the delete merged stub topics after days admin setting, depending on what works best for you. :+1:


I wondered why the stub was created at all but see the answer here:

Is there any way of never having them created at all? The closest to that seems to be automatic deletion after one day.

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I think that’s the only way to do it automatically (setting it to 0 disables the deletion). Though you can manually delete it at any point, including changing the timer length. It can be useful to have a record of the merge though, as it can be disconcerting for a user to think they have a topic, but it’s actually now somewhere else. They should get a notification, but I suppose it would depend on how savvy your users are in general?