Unlisting topic doesn’t change category’s topic count

This will become even less of a problem as the total number increases.

But I wonder whether topics which are initially unlisted similarly count towards the category total? That could be annoying if embedded Discourse comments are enabled with the initially-unlisted setting (which could lead to hundreds of unlisted topics overnight).

I rebuilt the app to install a plugin, and this problem rectified itself. The total number of topics in the category (shown in at least two places) is now the total number of listed topics. This must be the intended result and maybe what happens when topics are initially created unlisted.

I imagine it just needs some short code to ensure that unlisting a topic reduces the count by 1.

That’s not the intent – unlisted topics are still topics, they just can’t be accessed unless you have the URL or a link to the topic.

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Thanks for getting back to me.

I am happy now that my unlisted topics are not now counted towards the total number of topics.

But it sounds like they should be!